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Optométristes sans frontrières - Madagascar mission

Since 2005, Vision Expert has been actively involved in Optométristes sans frontières.

To date, we have collected thousands of pairs of glasses and have redistributed almost 3,500 of them. We have conducted over 4,000 eye examinations in many countries such as Peru, Bolivia, Honduras, Philippines, and the Congo.

Beyond just numbers, each mission is a professionally challenging and enriching experience and allows us to meet exceptional people. Our help is concrete, the appreciation is immediate, but most of all, it is the pride of making a difference in the lives of hundreds of people. We are looking forward to the next mission with enthusiasm and until then, we continue to collect ophthalmic and sun glasses to give the gift of better vision to as many people as possible.

Optométristes sans frontières - Bolivie mission

You can do your part by dropping your used glasses into the designated box at your Vision Expert office.

Optométristes sans frontières