At last an answer for dry eyes!

Vision Expert Blainville, Bromont, Outremont, Saint-Jérôme and Verdun are the offices that offer screening and treatment of dry eyes.

Thanks to the LipiView®-LipiFlow® treatment, approved by Health Canada, your optometrist now has the latest technology to help keep your eyes comfortable.

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Do your eyes burn, are they watery or red? Do you have unfocused or blurred vision, a sensitivity to light? Or do you feel like there is a foreign body such as sand in your eyes?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you may be suffering from dry eyes as does 25% of the population. There are many causes: prolonged exposure to the screens of electronic equipment, environmental conditions, long-term wearing of contact lenses, permanent makeup and the use of certain medication. Thanks to new technology, we can now screen and treat this degenerative disorder.

LipiView – Dry Eye DiagnosisLipiFlow – Dry Eye Treatment
Symptoms of dry eye: red, irritated, tired or painful eyes
Experience has shown that early intervention leads to better long-term results.
Dr. Dary Lavallée, Optometrist
LipiView® - Dry Eye Diagnosis


The exclusive LipiView® technology allows us to obtain a highly precise diagnosis.

LipiView® evaluates the quality of your tears, the quality and frequency of your blinking and the level of atrophy of your Meibomius glands. This fast and easy test guides your optometrist in the establishment of your treatment plan.

LipiFlow Treatment


LipiFlow® treatment helps to unblock and prevent atrophy of the Meibomius glands.

In a pleasant and relaxing environment, local heat is applied and combined with a light massaging of the eyelids. This totally painless treatment lasts 12 minutes. Finally, a solution for your dry eyes!

Do not hesitate to discuss this with your optometrist who can give you advice and help you through the treatment of this degenerative disorder.

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Dry Eye Syndrome - Treatment
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