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This is the mission of the Vision Expert optometrists, opticians, partners and their teams, to provide you with a new style and a new view!

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Since 2005, Vision Expert has been actively involved in the Optométristes sans frontières organization.

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Are you an optometrist, optician, or face stylist looking for a stimulating work environment? If the answer is yes, then the Vision Expert group is for you with our eleven offices, an approach based on oculovisual care and products of the highest quality. We are a group that values each individual’s aptitudes, pleasant work environments and advantageous work conditions. All of this, over the last 25 years!

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Vision Expert professionals are members of the following professional associations and orders:

Ordre des optométristes du Québec
Association des optométristes du Québec
Ordre des opticiens d'ordonnances du Québec
Association canadienne des optométristes
American Academy of Optometry